Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be.

I’ve been around since before WWII so it isn’t surprising that someone around me or indeed myself has often uttered the words, “Things can’t get any worse” or “We’re all going to Hell in a hand basket”.  Unfortunately it is also true that things can and do get worse.

The Germans and the Japanese were finally beaten and more importantly sweets came off ration and ships began to bring us bananas and oranges.  Nye Bevan spearheaded the National Health Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Basically it’s all gone downhill from there.

Bent Politicians a la Jeremy Thorpe and John Stonehouse who made John Profumo look like a Saint.  Run of the mill Politicians poking the noses into countries where we didn’t belong, lying about why we were sending in our troops.  Each incursion being worse than the last and inexplicably leaving evil despots such as Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin untouched to bleed their country dry and their countrymen to starve.

We had Coppers deeply mired with Maltese pimps given a free pass to run the London vice scene and make their fortune.  Followed by senior cops bending the law and taking bribes in brown envelopes and foreign holidays, again paid for by the Soho vice kings.  Bigger crooks like the Richardson brothers and the Kray twins had not only police, politicians but members of the House of Lords and the judiciary in their pockets.  Luckily among the bad apples we had a few untouchables like Detective Inspectors ‘Nipper’ Read and Gerald MacArthur brought them down.  Strangely none of the police, politicians etc who had enjoyed their largesse followed them into the nick although a few took early retirement.

Crooked Postmaster General John Stonehouse who was about to be exposed as a Czech spy and a fraudster, did a ‘Reggie Perrin and disappeared after leaving his clothes on a beach in Miami, eventually being caught in Australia.

 Operation Countryman, an enquiry set up to investigate Police corruption in the late 1970s cost £3 million and lasted 4years was given the complete run-around by the ‘Met’ looking after their own.  Members of the elite Flying Squad were receiving bribes from criminals in return for an early warning of imminent raids or arrests. Fabrication of evidence was rife and it emerged that the corruption was no longer limited to a few bad apples in the lower ranks but was historically and currently endemic and widespread throughout the hierarchical command.  Eventually just eight policemen were prosecuted but none were convicted.  Again there were a few early retirements on medical grounds and the ‘untouchables’ took on a different meaning.

We then had the investigation of the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1983 shooting of suspected IRA members by the Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, John Stalker.  He again met a lot of closed doors and when he began to get too close to some answers he was blatantly fitted up.  This particular frame up smacked of more than Police corruption, it had the fingerprints of the funny folk of the Security Services.

It seems that each year it gets worse.  We had the MPs expenses scandal, a Minister and his wife imprisoned for corruption.  More corrupt Police, Media Barons in court for alleged bribery of Police Officers – endless aborted investigations into well connected VIP pederasts.  The Jimmy Savile scandal, with previously known evidence only being allowed to emerge after his death.  The subsequent tainted and flawed Police investigation at a cost of £1 million with 11 men arrested and probably only 3 will be charged.  A media led enquiry and poor policing.

More corrupt police are now being unearthed further into the Lawrence racial murder.  Further cover ups have opened up suspicion of a bent copper being involved in the axe murder of a private detective who was about to blow the whistle on police corruption.  More and more evidence is emerging that our police are even more corrupt than in the 1970s.  Our police are infested with vested interest groups whose sole agenda is to promote their power over us and nothing to do with protecting life and property of subjects of Her Majesty, which is what they took the oath to do.

We have a Deputy Speaker charged with male rape, a gay Lord Justice now apologising for his links with a paedophile campaign.  In fact he was a founding member of a group campaigning to legalise sex with children as young as four.  We also have three MPs exposed as belonging to the same campaign group.

I am reminded of the story told by Louis Mountbatten who was shipwrecked on the Kelly.  He surfaced alongside a Leading Hand who said “Hello Sir! Ain’t it amazing how the scum always rises to the top”?

Ain’t that the truth?  Our judiciary, our law-makers, our law-keepers have become so tainted in pursuit of either power, wealth or sex and are so steeped in filth and corruption to achieve their targets.

Someone is going to have to clean out the Aegean Stables that is Britain today before the whole country sinks beneath this ordure that is corruption in high places.  If someone tells you that the situation is now so bad that it cannot get any worse.   Believe me, it can and it will.  Where do we go from here?



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Long retired travel writer, author and freelance journalist. Educated at Wolverton Grammar and Greenwich Naval College. Happily married since 1958, with a married son and daughter, a married granddaughter and an adult grandson. Hobbies rock-climbing, dinghy racing and ocean racing. Still regularly working out in the gym.
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