Famous Last Words – A Covid-19 Smile

This has to be an ideal time for a sad beggar like me to remind you of others last words. What more can you ask for?

“Goodnight my darlings, I’ll see you in the morning!”  – Noel Coward

”It’s never too late for a glass of champagne “ – Anton Chekhov

”Mother, I’m going to get my things out of this house, Father hates me and I’m never coming back” – Marvin Gaye

”Aw no-one’s going to shoot at me” – Lee Harvey Oswald

”The car seems OK” – Ayrton Senna

”Leave me alone, I’m fine” – Barry White

”Just don’t leave me alone” – John Belushi

”love one another” – George Harrison

”I’m so bored with it all” – Winston Churchill

“Oh wow, oh wow, Oh wow” – Steve Jobs

“I’m going to the bathroom for a rest” – Elvis Presley

”I’m going, but I’m going in the name of the Lord” – Bessie Smith

”Happy!” – Raphael

”I’m losing it!” – Frank Sinatra

”I have offended God, my work did not reach the quality it should have!” – Leonardo da Vinci

” Goodnight my kitten” he told his wife before committing suicide – Ernest Hemmingway

“This is no way to live” – Groucho Marx

”At fifty everyone has the face he deserves “ – George Orwell ( died aged 46)

Not last words, still laughing ? can’t you see?

”Last man standing, I won! – Jakethewriter

About Jake

Long retired travel writer, author and freelance journalist. Educated at Wolverton Grammar and Greenwich Naval College. Happily married since 1958, with a married son and daughter, a married granddaughter and an adult grandson. Hobbies rock-climbing, dinghy racing and ocean racing. Still regularly working out in the gym.
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