Who called the Archbishop a prat? Never mind that who called the prat an Archbishop?

As you know I always try to avoid politics and religion, well occasionally; but I have never forgiven that weirdy beardy druid for what he has done to my Church, since he was appointed 10 years ago by Tony Blair to take over as Archbishop of Canterbury.  Another one of the Blair conspiracies that I would like to see him before the International Criminal Court for.  I bet Tony was planning to convert to the Roman Candlesticks and his plan was to sabotage my Church even then.

 The Huffington Post reports; Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Says “Role Too Much For One Person”.  It was certainly far too much for him, what a useless tool he has proved to be.  Just look at few of the headlines over the ten years that he has been out of his depth while he went through the motions of being at the helm.

From questioning the legitimacy of the Coalition to using the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving service with his convoluted, tormented sermon to brazenly criticise City greed and environmental recklessness, while banging on about several of his cherished Left Wing hobbyhorses.

We also find him backing the introduction of Sharia Law into Britain which would include Islamic marriage of 12 year old girls.  He was reported to have been in shock when Lord Cary dared to critisise him and there were demands for him to quit.

He has spent 10 years of waffling while the Churches congregations have deserted the pews and the country has become a self obsessed, celebrity worshiping, doormat for illegal’s and scroungers and a moral cesspit;  All under his watch. He has put his running boots on promising that he will leave to lick his wounds as Master of Magdalene College Cambridge in January 2013.  His departure cannot come soon enough.  May I quote Oliver Cromwell – “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately . . . . . Depart I say; and let us have done with you.  In the name of God, go!  If I may put in my two penneth ” For God’s sake go NOW!”

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