A storm in a B cup!

All of the breast beating in the ‘holier than thou’ UK media, over the past week, because of the publication of photographs of The Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless, by those beastly French in a downmarket magazine, does no-one any credit.  Naturally this has been closely followed by those awful Italians in another second-rate magazine also with the fingerprints of that fine upstanding former Prime Minister Berlusconi all over it.  Now because of the brouhaha caused by the way the incident has been mishandled by her advisors, the Swedes closely followed by the rest of the world are about to follow suit to publish the photographs in some of their seedy magazines.

Surely if instead of the over the top and toothless legal action against the French magazine and its editor, (they haven’t been able to identify the photographer/paparazzi who owns the copyright) they had treated the whole matter with disdain for stooping so low, with the simple issue of a statement treating them like the French scum that they are.  To quote the blessed Margaret Thatcher, they should deny them they oxygen of publicity.

Without them making such a great fuss the magazine certainly wouldn’t have filled it’s coffers quite so full.  The rest of the world wouldn’t have climbed on the bandwagon and certainly copies of the offending magazine would not be selling on eBay at up to £60 a copy.

Personally I am quite happy seeing the girls sunbathing topless on the beaches while on my foreign travels it all seems very natural to me.  However the Duchess was sunbathing in private not on a public beach and should have been allowed her privacy and most normal people would have agreed with that.

In this case the Palace have made complete tits of themselves in the way they have handled the incident.  Situation Normal All Fxxxed Up – again, hard-a-starboard, full ahead both.


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