Pot – Kettle – Black

As usual I try to steer clear of religion and politics until the morning papers spoil my breakfast.  It’s the silly season of political party conferences when the hard working politicians go for a break at the seaside to recover from their holidays.  OK I know that the Tories have gone to Birmingham this year but that is because we have had crap weather this year and a party is a party wherever it’s held.

I actually listened to Ed Milliband’s speech to the converted and to quote “Call me Dave” “It was impressive to give a speech for 70 minutes, without notes and not say anything”.  At least Ed managed to repeat “ONE NATION” every few minutes to make him sound like a Tory.

This silly season taking in the Lib Dem/New Labour/Labour/Old Labour/Tory conferences is producing the same old hot air depending which party is spouting it, it was at their Comprehensive/Grammar/Public School where they became proficient in speaking utter bollocks, or perhaps it was that subject they read at Oxford.

Here is a question for you; who said “Have you ever seen a more incompetent, hopeless, out-of-touch, u-turning, pledge breaking, make-it-up-as-you-go-along, back-of-the-envelope, miserable shower”? And which party was he talking about.  No prizes for the answer but here’s a clue.  I know that it sounds like balls, but it wasn’t Ed Balls.

Has there ever been such a time in this country’s history when that statement summed up every single, shabby political party, although it should have included, dishonest, lying scumbags in the diatribe.

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