Bunga Bunga the Teflon Don comes unstuck

Anyone who has read my blogs over the years might have gained from my rants, that I have no great liking for the crooked Italian ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.  It has taken some eighteen years of constant legal battles for the law to finally catch up with his criminal activities and like that other Mafioso crook Al Capone, Berlusconi has only been convicted of Tax Fraud.  He is also on trial in another court for underage sex crimes.

Even now the speculation in the medias that the 76 years old in spite of his conviction and sentence will not be incarcerated because of the guidelines (brought in under Berlusconi’s last government) which usually stop sending convicts over 70 years old to prison.

Another target for my previous blogs has been the former French President Nicolas Sarcozy, who was once one of Silvio Berlusconi’s top advocates.  This could have been where he gained his liking for brown envelopes.  Rather pleasingly for me, Sarcozy is now being investigated for criminal use of public funds.   If things continue in this direction, my other Bette Noire, Tony Blair might also soon be his collar felt and get his comeuppance before the International Criminal Court.  Such things as dreams are made on!

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