It’s not just Helen Flanagan who needs a lesson in common sense!

Former Coronation Street actress and WAG, Helen Flanagan, who got her bits out on I’m a Celebrity is in trouble from the media again.  She posted her photograph on Twitter, once again flashing her boobs but this time in a so called protest against the American gun laws after the Sandy Hook School massacre, she was posing in her bra, holding a handgun to her head she has now proved what most people thought of her.

Oh dear, I was going to join in with her protesters who are clamouring for her head but I refuse to join the trolls.  Everyone who saw her performance in the jungle would realise that the poor girl isn’t a thinking individual.  If she were to be given a brain scan they might have difficulty finding one.

However she was paid a lot of cash by the producers of ‘I’m a Celebrity’, found herself an agent to get her a modelling contract and has hooked a wealthy footballer to give her a WAG lifestyle.  So perhaps it was in the name of publicity and she’s not so dumb after all.

Perhaps I could put forward a few statistics to give those with a brain, some food for thought:-


Japan                           48

Switzerland                  34

Canada                         52

Sweden                        21

Germany                      42

Great Britain                  8

USA                      10,728

You could say they have a problem there but of course the gun lobby in the USA are quite adamant that the problem is the individual’s mental condition, not the ownership of 114 million handguns in the country.  As Bart Simpson (and Miss Flanagan) may have put it, DOH!

No-one has yet explained why hunters need automatic weapons, grenade launchers or even handguns.  Perhaps they all have a mental problem!


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