A Euro-sceptic nut job! Do they mean me?

I’m sorry to get on my Eurosceptic soapbox again, but reading today’s latest Euro-zone crisis with today’s dismal growth figures which hide future tensions between Germany and France.  Much of the media still paint critics of the Euro-zone and its currency as Eurosceptic nut jobs whilst ignoring the evidence before their own eyes.

It seems to me to be incredible that the European elite are prepared to put their people on the bonfire of mass unemployment and deprivation to save an entirely artificial currency construct. I remain astonished at the apparent absence of widespread revolt.  It can only be that the EU propaganda machine has far more tentacles and is woven far deeper into national life across the continent than I ever imagined possible.

France is a disaster in the making. François Hollande is France’s very own version of Gordon Brown. Hollande is a doctrinaire Leftie innumerate who has never held down a real job and only got voted in because the French wanted to be rid of Sarkozy. Admittedly, the choices available to the French electorate weren’t great – a bit like Cameron versus Miliband.

Economically, France has several advantages in that is a major tourist destination, is basically self-sufficient in food and has excellent power, health and transport infrastructure. However, no economy can withstand socialist fiscal incontinence for long especially in a time of no or negative growth. The Club Med nations and Britain have already demonstrated this in Technicolor!  It seems that, with the exceptions of Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian bloc, the EU nations are determined to push their underfunded welfarist spendthrift agendas past the limits of solvency.

The EU economy has been stagnant for decades; France has not had a balanced budget for more than 30 years and the EU pacts on deficits, like all EU agreements, they are a bloody joke.  The EU’s own budget has not been audited for 20 years – pretty good considering the amount of hot air spent on telling Latin’s to pull their budgetary fingers out. The EU is fundamentally flawed, its economy is a train wreck, its agreements are worthless, the statistics are lies and the never ending high brow statements are piss and wind. Why on earth anybody wants to be part of this escapes me completely.

The loonies have taken over the asylum?  Stop the world, I want to get off!






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