What kind of world are we living in?

A week or so back my son and his wife were with their friends were on a cruise to see the Northern Lights.  Their friends live in the same sleepy Northamptonshire market town as my wife and I.  They had arranged for a professional house sitting couple to live in their property while they were away on the cruise.

A couple of days into the cruise they received a call from their house minder, with a tale of woe.  They own a couple of highly desirable very expensive cars.  One left on the driveway and the other locked in the garage.  To go to the crux of the tale;  in the early evening one of the sitters opened the front door to move the wheelie bin to be collected and he was suddenly rushed at by five men dressed in boilers suits and ski masks, wielding long crowbars.  They bundled him back indoors, screaming for the car keys.

The car keys were locked in the safe and the sitters did not have the combination.  This made the robbers angry and the sitters were both assaulted and the robbers in their frustration caused a lot of damage before they left.  Beds and wardrobes were overturned and jewellery stolen.  As you may imagine the poor house sitters were left distressed and bruised.  The phone call to our friends didn’t enhance their Scandinavian cruise.

The police investigated and left a crime number so they may claim for their loss from their insurance company.  Very comforting!  Our friends are so traumatised that they are selling both of their highly desirable cars, in order to save the robbers from their temptation.

I learned what had happened when they returned and at this time my wife, the serene beautiful one, was away with her friend in her holiday bungalow which is in a very quiet seaside town in Norfolk.

I related the disturbing tale of the robbery to her and was left speechless by her response.  After expressing her sadness after hearing the news she said “We’ve just come in after walking the dog on the beach and the police are at a house near to the bungalow, with a full complement of scenes of crime teams in white suits and the area has been taped off.  Apparently the woman who lives there has been murdered”.

I didn’t say much, I really hate it when someone spoils my scoop story, hey I’m journalist.  So I am sitting here pondering what sort of world we are bequeathing to our grandchildren?

I wonder if the Romanians and Bulgarians who are apparently queuing up to come here, are aware of what a dangerous hellhole this land of milk and honey has become.  I think that they should have second thoughts.  Mind you the media would have us believe that their presence here will make it worse.  Would it be wrong to think, how it can get worse?

We are all going to hell in a handcart!  Providing someone hasn’t nicked it.


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