Is this a sign of the times?

In October last year the Metropolitan Police announced that as part of it’s £500 million cost cutting plans, it is planning to sell off it’s existing headquarters, New Scotland Yard.  One of London’s most famous, iconic landmarks, to a smaller site on the Embankment.  Admirable in these belt tightening times!

The block, surrounded by concrete blast barriers to protect it from terrotist attack has been the home to the Met since 1967 and is famous for it’s revolving sign.  At the time of the announcement, senior officers said that when the move goes ahead the sign (created by designer Edward Wright) would be moved to its planned new building.

Yesterday it was revealed that prior to any planned closing of the of the existing site to move to the Embankment the cost conscious Met have spent £68,000 to move the famous sign, not to a new site but just 15 yards from the entrance of the present building to  the new revamped frontage of the existing building.

Hello! Hello! – If you are selling off the present building and moving in a planned cost cutting excercise.  Why are you revamping the existing building, spending even more of your overstretched budget.  More to the point, why does moving the sign 15 yards cost £68,000.

I think this would better stand investigating than the wasteful enquiries into the never-ending Jimmy Saville enquiry and the even more wasteful phone hacking investigation.  By the way Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith are still dead and probably so will most of the aged celebrities who are pulled in to justify extending Operation Yewtree.  Evening All!


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