Fatty Pang is where the buck should stop

The Commons Select Committee is making lots of noise about Senior Executives at the BBC with second jobs and are to question BBC Chairman Chris Patten over the issue.  Apparently these Senior Executives in so called demanding positions earning six figure salaries are also juggling extra business interests.

I wonder if they will include this member of the House of Lords, who is also the incumbent Chancellor of the University of Oxford.  This part timer why is on £110,000 a year also has a total of 11 posts half of which are paid.  I it any wonder why he is so useless?   This failed Member of Parliament was given the consolation prize of Governor of Hong Kong when the electorate remembered that he was responsible for the hated Poll Tax and booted him out of his constituency of Bath.

On handing HK over to China and finding himself out of work again.  Tony Blair found him a job heading up the commission on policing in Northern Ireland.  He upset the Ulster Unionists  with the oath of allegiance but memorably changed the name of the Royal Ulster Constabulary to the Police Service on Northern Ireland.   His next consolation prize was an appointment to that hideaway for failed politicians, he became European Commissioner for External Relations where he no doubt was surrounded by members adept at milking the expenses trough.

He left there and although already Chancellor of Newcastle University, took up the post of Chancellor of the University of Oxford where he became a vociferous proponent of higher tuition fees.  In May 2011, not finding the House of Lords and the Chancellorship of Oxford University taxing enough he decided that he could take on the Chairmanship of the BBC Trust.

This job he has carried out so badly from the attempted cover up of the Jimmy Saville scandal to the scrapping of a useless IT project that cost licence payers over £100 million.  The last straw has been the Bosses’ payoffs scandal.  The situation has become so toxic on his watch that the whole future of the BBC is in doubt.

To parody Oliver Cromwell’s famous speech “Is there a single virtue remaining among you?  Is there one vice you do not possess?  You have turned this place into a den of thieves by your immoral principles and wicked practices.  In the name of God go!

How much  more sustained criticism of his performance can he absorb before he does the honourable thing?  Perhaps he and his cronies need more time to cover their backs.  I would not dare to suggest they need more time to sort out their redundancy payments

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