A Massage to India!

I see that prior to a three week tour to Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand with Prince Charles, Camilla has flown out to Southern India to take advantage of the holistic treatments at the Soukya Health Centre in Bangalore for a week which promises a balance of mind, body and spirit and specialises in Ayurvedic Massages.  It all sounds very expensive but Charles is picking up the tab of £3,000 per day.

Researching further into what the ruddy heck is Ayurvedic Medicine I discover something that Camilla may have missed.  Two especially high-profile fans of the treatment are Madonna and Cherie Blair.

Oh my Lord!  Should I warn the Duchess – Hey! Camilla, it doesn’t work, the dogs have already tried it.  Oh dear, too late, she’s already left.  Cry havoc, let slip the dogs of war.

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