A time to contemplate

This week has been an abundance of goodies for a blogger.  Do I write of ‘Mitt the Twit’s being put in his place by our American cousins?  Do I comment on ‘Doris goes to the jungle’ and then allows a “couple of posh boys who didn’t understand either the price of milk or how hard-working families were suffering in the downturn”, to take their revenge by suspending ‘Mad Nad’ from the party?

How about our leader going to Saudi Arabia to sell them armaments and thinking about arming the rebels in Syria, before flying back today to meet with Frau Merkel to pretend that he is poking a stick into the ants nest that is the EU?

Nah! Ce n’est pas important.  The only thing to write about this week in my book is to remind everybody that this is the time of year to remember those of our armed forces who have fallen in our name.

I shall be standing at our local cenotaph with a lot of personal memories of shipmates lost.  I shall also be thinking of being in Korea as a very young lad and thinking as I look at all the names on the memorial and wonder if they had been as frightened as I had been before their luck had run out.

I do know as I look back on all the conflicts that have occurred in my adult life have been in hindsight, pointless and mostly unsuccessful.  Now is not the time to rant at our politicians about bringing back our troops from Afghanistan but to remember those for whom it is too late.

 Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori  or so the polititians would have us believe.


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