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Friends and acquaintances have often delighted suggesting how easy it is to press my switch to set me going.  All they have to do is mention wind farms/global warming/Gordon Brown/B.B.C. bias or Quangos and I’m off.

Probably the most useless of Gordon Brown’s Quangos is the completely useless Meteorology Office.  The last government decided that the Met Office should become a Trading fund of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, connected to British and Allied Military bases around the world, the Cabinet Office, Emergency Services and Ships at Sea. . . . . . . . . . . . If that doesn’t sound like smoke and mirrors to you, I bet that you can slide further on that than you can on gravel.

The Met Office was provided with a Supercomputer which would be able to calculate 7,500,000,000,000,000 bytes of info every minute to forecast the weather.  The supercomputer is housed in special halls each bigger than two football pitches and requires more energy to power it than a small town, have they considered the carbon footprint? – it took two months to boot up and requires over 400 scientists to interpret its predictions – and it still gets it WRONG.  Do you remember the infamous ‘barbeque summer’ washout of 2009?  The snowbound winter that it failed to predict in 2010?

The Met Office costs us, that is you and I, £200 Million a year to predict the forthcoming weather.  It has failed to predict the floods of last year to complete its decent into a National joke.  It continues to forecast severe weather that just doesn’t happen as it attempts to cover its own backside and then manages to get most forecasts wrong.  It has been obsessed with warning the world of the dire consequences of climate change.  That at least gives the BBC something to put in its news.

It chose last Christmas Eve as a good day to announce, without fanfare, its climb-down.  That being the day when there would be no newspapers published when it admitted that all the predictions they’ve been making about man-made global warming over the past 20 years have been wrong.  This wrong prediction caused the government to pass the 2008 Climate Change Act – The Act that journalist Christopher Booker described as the most expensive legislation in history.  It committed the government to as much as £734 Billion in extraction spending to ‘de-carbonise’ the economy.

Apart from the ruination of our countryside by ugly wind farms, what if all of this expensive, economy damaging, job killing, environmentally destructive measures have been down to the risibly incompetent Met Office getting it wrong.  They are now telling us that global warming might have stopped in 1997 but it might come back.  All of the misleading claims have been heavily promoted by the BBC with its scaremongering statements.  Predictably they made no announcements about the Met Office climb-down.

The Met Office has spread its alarmist gospel since it was politicised in 1990.  Its obsession with Climate Change has wreaked havoc with its medium to long range forecasting.  If it stuck to its primary job of four or five day forecasting when it is the best in the world – it obviously thinks that weather forecasting is beneath it and climate change is glamorous so its computer is programmed on the assumption that as global CO2 levels increase so will   global warming.  This means that they are continually predicting warmer weather in spite of the real world evidence.  <Garbage in Garbage Out>

Yesterday, just before the Easter Holidays – surprise, surprise, the organisation’s Chief Scientist is still insisting that two-thirds of its long term ‘probabilistic predictions’ are very helpful.  She then went on to say “better weather will arrive, but probably not until May, we certainly see the cold weather continuing for the next few days and potentially into the middle of April.  Beyond that, I think, into the summer, it’s more difficult to predict.  I think, into the summer, it’s much more difficult to predict.  I think we’re expecting conditions to return to normal conditions into May and then June”   That is a prediction using the £41 Million Super-Computer that costs £200 Million a year to run and which they are urging the government to upgrade.  My Granny did much better with a piece of seaweed.

All of my expletives have been deleted from this article

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