Security! I was thinking of calling in the Marines.

In my previous Blog I was bemoaning the attack by hackers.  The final insult was that my laptop which had become an old friend, gave up the ghost.  I don’t know if it was caused by my attackers who had left behind a hidden IED.  But I blamed them!

I bought a second hand replacement laptop and intent on a fresh start, installed a new copy of Windows 7 and had to instal a new security system.  I have been into computers since the 1980s – before Windows, before emails, and probably before a lot of you were born.  Since that time I have got through a large number of computers.  Most new computers come with anti-virus programmes pre-installed which I have found over years of experience, are in the same category as chocolate teapots.

Because of my recent experiences I did quite a lot of research on Internet Security and chose to use a Microsoft recommended programme called My Security Center which is rated number one among software companies.  Over the years I must have installed or had pre-installed nearly a dozen security programmes and my experience with hackers and phishers, none have given more than lip-service and a pretty logo on my desktop, supposed to give a feeling of security.  Hence I downloaded this latest one without much confidence.

Within twenty minutes of giving my details and buying into the service, I had a telephone call from Jamie at My Security.  He then linked into my laptop remotely, downloaded their programmes and then gave my laptop a full health check and sorted out all the problems discovered.

If I sound a bit gushing I apologise but I am a real fan.  This has to be the best user-experience of Service and Support I have had from a computer company, ever.  When I complimented Jamie and told him that I was going to relate my my experience on my next blog and be recommending him and his company to my readers.  He told me that if any of you acted on my recommendation and emailed him at and mentioned my blog, he would give you a  special discount of up to 50%.  That’s a better deal than I got.  Once I work out how to do it, I will add a link to make it easier.



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