A Nobel Prize for futility

I have always believed that it was not part of the Norwegian psyche to have a sense of humour and over the years have become to believe that the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee were not just lacking humour, they were idiots.  After all they gave their prestigious award to Henry Kissinger.  Henry Kissinger – Peace – Paradox.  They gave their prestigious award to Yasser Arafat.  Yasser Arafat – Peace – Oh My God.  They nominated George W. Bush and Tony Blair just for another laugh.

They are renowned for those Real Men of Peace who didn’t get the award.  People like Mahatma Ghandi and Pope John Paul II.  Now these comedians have demeaned the legacy of Alfred Nobel who in his will left his Peace Prize to those who would work for fraternity among nations and promotion of peace congresses and champions of peace.  Giving the award to The European Union which imposes severe austerity upon so many of its member counties while simultaneously supporting the growth of militarianism by supporting war crimes against Iraq and Afghanistan and arms sales from E.U. states to countries around the world.

It is apparent for Peace and Harmony on the streets of Athens, Madrid and Cyprus that the European Union is not a union that has contributed to peace but rather an uneasy alliance of member states eating and stealing from the same trough.  It is totally without honour either in concept or in delivery which is creating huge tensions which will continue with social unrest.  This prize heaps much discredit on those who have awarded it, matched by those who receive it.

Who has been awarded the Peace Prize for 2013?  Why that man of peace, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, you couldn’t make it up.  I suppose that I am now going to have to stop calling him Oh my Dinner jacket now that he has been awarded the prize ‘for his noble efforts to secure peace by reducing the disparity in nuclear fighting capability in the Middle East’. 

Who will the idiots nominate for 2014?  My money is on another man of peace, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The President and Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Marshall Kim Jong-un, for his ‘noble efforts for something or other’.  I know, how about for his bellicose threats that put all of Asia and much of the world on edge but has brought together both China and the United States.  That must be worthy of a prize.



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