Carry on up the Khyber or the Worm has Turned

Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai showed his gratitude a couple of days ago.  This ineffective and unreliable President who owes his very placement to George W Bush, whose US government was his puppet master, is now saying that the entire NATO operation has caused Afghanistan a lot of suffering, a lot of loss of life to his people and no gains because the country is not secure.  His criticism is that NATO has failed to bring stability in the time that troops have been there.  What a liberty!

As a patriot, my first response to this devious ingrate, was what an ungrateful bastard!  He is coming to the end of his tenure which ends in just six months when his successor will be elected, always assuming that someone fancies picking up this poison chalice.  Could Karzai be looking to his future when NATO troops leave and he is no longer in power?  I suppose he could always get his running boots on and leave with the troops.

I could see him arriving with his entourage at Heathrow and blagging the Border Control by applying for political asylum.  I can’t see him finishing up in Birmingham and living on benefits but stranger things have happened.  This would be a bit of a come down from living in the Presidential Palace.  I’m certainly not going to suggest that he will have planned his future like most deposed Presidents with a safety deposit box in Switzerland and a property portfolio in Kensington.  I do suggest that he is now looking to his future by trying to ingratiate himself with the Taliban, once they fill the void left by NATO troops as they surely will.

Once I had second thoughts however, I still won’t forgive this turncoat but I do realise that he is now repeating what I have been saying, nay ranting about for years ever since George W and his poodle Mr B Liar sent our troops into Afghanistan.  I have always said that we have no justification for being there.  This war which has now been going for twice the length of the second World War is not really about Al-Qaida and terrorism, but about opening up a secure corridor through Pashtun tribal territory to export the oil and gas riches of the Caspian Basin of Central Asia to the West.  The US and NATO forces in Afghanistan are essentially pipeline protection troops fighting off hostile natives.

The Taliban have only been demonised in the past few years.  During the Russian occupation of their country they were the anti communist Muslim Afghan guerrillas known as the Mujahidin and were fighting against the Soviet forces and the Afghan government.  In those days the West considered them ‘good eggs’.  The Mujahidin who call themselves ‘soldiers of God’ or ‘the Taliban, received funding from the American CIA and training from out Special Forces.

The Taliban is not a terrorist movement as is now claimed and demonised by western propaganda but was founded as an Islamic religious movement dedicated to fighting communism and the drug trade.  The Karzai government cannot extend its authority beyond Kabul because that would mean overthrowing the Uzbek and Tajik drug dealing warlords and communist chiefs that are the base of its power.

A simple mind like mine is still unable to work out why it has taken so long to realise that we are poking our noses into a war that we can’t win.  I do know that Blair and Brown continually told us if we stopped kicking Mr Taliban we were there for our homeland security and it was vital to prevent terrorist attacks on our streets in Britain.  The Cameroons have continued this mantra in the years since.  Oh my God what is going to happen now that our presence is going to be withdrawn?  I think the answer to that is that both our and the US politicians are going to be proved to have been lying to us for all those years.  What a surprise!

Our troops are still dying to prop up a floundering and corrupt regime under a US-installed and now proven ungrateful Afghan President, Hamid Karzai.  Which explains the title of today’s blog, because it reminds me of a Carry On film called, ‘Carry on up the Khyber’ and Sultan named Kharzi.  If you remember he turned out to be a bit of a shit too!  Surely it should be time to pull out immediately and leave him in the pile of ordure where he belongs.  Surely a good place for a worm!


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