One size fits up all!

I’m not sure what to make of the  incident that the media have dubbed ‘Plebgate’.  It does appear that there is a Prima Facie case against certain police officers who decided to get their own back against Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell.

Some should have heeded the old adage ‘If you find yourself in a hole you should stop digging’.  Instead it appears that the Police circled their wagons in an attempt to look after their own.  That will teach those bloody Tories to fiddle with our terms and conditions.  Apart from the officers involved in the original incident, somewhat like a rock tossed into a lake and spreading in outgoing rings and now the cover up involves some dodgy members of the Police Federation, the Met Police Commissioner Bernard hyphen Howe and three Chief Constables from the sticks and it looks as though quite a few heads will roll.

If one looks at the petty squabble between a hacked off Bobby and a rather officious Cabinet Minister.  Certainly no more originally than a storm in a teacup.  To say that it got out of hand is an understatement.

What does grate with me is the vociferous involvement of holier than thou, Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, AKA Keith Vaz MP, Labour MP for Leicester East.  You remember Keith Vaz whom a Police investigation discovered had £500,000 of funds of a suspicious nature, deposited in several of his bank accounts – cash that he had not declared to Parliament.  The investigation failed to prove links with the Hinduji brothers dodgy passport application and also failed to find any criminal misconduct.

This is the same Keith Vaz MP who was said to have abused his position to help his crooked lawyer friend Shahrokh Mireskandari.  This is the same sleazy Keith Vaz MP the recipient of several seats at Wembley Stadium, the O2 Music Arena and the Bolshoi Ballet Gala all compliments of Mireskandari.  Vaz has continually abused his position as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

In my mind for someone to make the statements against Police Officer’s actions, surely he should have clean hands himself.  In fact what on earth were Labour thinking of when they appointed him to chair one of the most powerful select committees in Parliament – does he have knowledge where some of the bodies are buried?

I haven’t even mentioned that other fine upstanding former Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei, once President of the Black Police Association and convicted crooked Police Officer.  Another dodgy friend of Keith Vaz MP.

I think if I was a Metropolitan Police Officer with a propensity to fit up an MP I would have picked on Keith Vaz rather than Andrew Mitchell.  Now that would have had the backing of most of the House.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Mind that step sir.  Oh Dear!  Careful you don’t catch your fingers in the cell door.  Oh Dear!

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