If God lived on earth, people would break His windows.

 Israel and ‘Uman Rights’

The existence of 61 UN resolutions criticising Israel reveals more about the UN than Israel.  The UN ‘Human Rights’ Council includes those human rights practitioners like Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia, where dissidents are imprisoned and tortured, blasphemers lashed and women stoned to death.

Israel’s alleged ‘crime’ is building homes for growing families on deserted land while Israel permits without fuss the growing Arab ‘occupation’ of parts of Jerusalem (David’s Jewish capital in the promised land, 3000 years ago, 1,600 years before Islam was born).

Moreover, while members of Israel’s 20 per cent Arab populace can and do rise to Supreme Court Judge, M.P., diplomat – even become Miss Israel – Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (who deserted the peace table for the past year) vows to expel all Jews from his promised new ‘Palestine’.

In fact , Israel ‘occupies’ about 18 percent of the area promised under the UK’s Balfour Declaration of 1917, the original League of Nations Mandate, and the San Remo Accords, all adopted under International Law and still valid.  Yet she has continually ceded territory for ‘peace’, only to gain suicide bombers, hijacks, boycotts, invasions and ceaseless hostile propaganda.

While several hundred Palestinian rockets fell on Israel from Gaza this month and terrorist attacks still occur of course Israel arrests suspected plotters, perhaps including a footballer, but hundreds are periodically released, after promising peaceful conduct; a promise, sadly often in fact usually broken.

I am not a Jew and mostly my bane is reserved for the European Union, but I am close to the stage when if I hear ‘Human Rights’ mentioned I shall remove the safety from my Browning.


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