Just another addict

I am just having a sit down after yet another visit to the gym, as I left I noticed that our posh fitness centre is having yet another recruiting drive.

There is a poster offering a new mountain bike to anyone who joins before the weekend and a banner along the car park fence offering two months free to anyone who takes out 12 months membership.

It made me think; getting hooked on treadmills, cross trainers and rowing machines is a bit like a drug addiction. Like drug addicts, fitness addicts seem to like getting other people hooked with their addiction.

I’m not sure whether to tell my son-in-law about these special offers or to go and see my doctor and ask to be put into rehab.


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Long retired travel writer, author and freelance journalist. Educated at Wolverton Grammar and Greenwich Naval College. Happily married since 1958, with a married son and daughter, a married granddaughter and an adult grandson. Hobbies rock-climbing, dinghy racing and ocean racing. Still regularly working out in the gym.
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