Memories are made of this! I think I have ‘old timer’s disease’.

Oh dear, I’ve been at it again!  Not satisfied with hackers/trolls accessing my website, my PayPal account, my eBay account and changing my profile, passwords, addresses etc. etc..  This time the computer problems were self inflicted and did my poor aging brain no good at all. 

In an attempt to foil the hackers, I now regularly change my passwords.  So a couple of days ago I changed the password needed to access my laptop.  Done! All secure.  The next morning I opened up the laptop, entered the password, I got a rude instruction telling me I had entered the wrong password.  Of course, I changed it yesterday…….. Mind totally blank, I tried what I thought it was and the more I tried the more my brain fried.  OMG!

I keep calling to mind a long story by Billie Connolly about the Queen visiting a military hospital accompanied by a very brusque Sergeant Major strutting along side, complete with swagger stick.  As they stopped by each bed, her Majesty enquired of the patient why he was in hospital, the Sergeant Major boomed out “Gonorrhoea Ma’am!” “Oh you poor man, what’s the treatment?”  Before the patient could answer, the Sarn’t Major boomed, “Self inflicted injury Ma’am, wire brush and Dettol”

That is right and proper treatment for all self inflicted injuries.  I spent some hours on the internet trying to find a solution; after all I can’t be the only idiot using a computer.

When I was first attacked by hackers, after trying most channels on the internet I thought that a call to my computer security people might be in order, after all the hackers had got past my firewall.  I phoned them, MySecurityCenter and I spoke to an actual person spoke my language.  My problems were very quickly sorted out; not just that on my computer but their expert, Lyndon, was brilliant sorting out every problem.  I was so impressed with their service that I sang their praises in a blog.

I sat looking at my laptop with embarrassment, using my desktop I searched for help for idiots and found lots of help costing more than my laptop is worth.  I plucked up courage and swallowed my pride and telephoned MySecurityCenter “I was lucky enough to speak to Lyndon “I know it doesn’t come within your brief but . . . . . . . “He didn’t even laugh at me, he sorted out the problem.

Was my subscription to MySecurityCenter, money well spent?  It was certainly a great improvement on “Wire brush and Dettol that I probably deserve, and yes I have made a note of my new password.  It’s encrypted and locked away in a programme on my iPhone.  I have a bit of a problem as to where I should hide the access password to  Onekey?


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